Is Your Company Strutting its Stuff?

Potential new hires are googling.  How does a company anticipate the results?

The dance of a male peacock is truly fascinating.  Blue iridescent feathers shimmer in a proud exhibit of splendid ornamentation.  Strutting back and forth, its wide arc of feathered beauty captivates.  This is nature’s version of full display.

In today’s information age, just like the majestic peacock, a company is on full display.   A simple internet search can reveal many pros and cons of employment.  How can a company determine if it’s strutting at its best to a potential new hire?

Evaluate Direct Marketing         

Direct marketing is the marketing a company does on purpose.  This would include paid advertising, web pages, email, direct mail, etc.  It is the image the company pays to put on display and the message it wants others to see.

Evaluate this marketing through the eyes of a potential hire.  Is the website easy to understand?  Are advertisements reflective of company culture and mission?  Writer Milan Kundera states: “Business has only two functions-marketing and innovation.”  Is the image the company is directly marketing attractive to both a customer and a talented potential hire?

Be Aware of Pitfalls in Company’s Indirect Marketing

Indirect marketing strategies offer benefits outside of the direct service or product of the company.  Examples of this are blogs, social media posts, and reviews.  These can work in the company’s favor, but are harder to measure and carry some risks.  For example, a follower could post a controversial comment on social media.   Or, the company may be reviewed by former employees on a career site such as Glassdoor.  If there is a product involved, the product may be reviewed negatively by customers.

Although indirect marketing is often out of the control of a hiring manager, it is definitely something to be aware of during an interview.  The hiring manager should research and know if there is anything that would influence the new hire in making a decision.  Perhaps the interviewer should address this potential concern at the time of the interview.

Taking the time to look at both direct and indirect marketing from the point of view of a potential new hire can pay off.

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